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labyrinth at maggies centre dundee

A Labyrinth For Glasgow is a vision of bringing a public labyrinth to Glasgow, for the benefit and enjoyment of all. We are ready to bring this dream into reality and need to build practical and energetic support for this project.

The labyrinth invites an inner ritual journey from the everyday world into a world of peace and stillness creating a unique place for reconnecting with ourselves and with Nature.

Labyrinth is an ancient meditative tradition, a centuries old path walked by pilgrims all over the world...It is a walk that leads to divine encounter, to transformation , and to seeing the world with new eyes.” Brian Draper

Now is the time to bring the inspiration, beauty and fun of the labyrinth to Glasgow. A labyrinth brings an oasis of tranquillity to the busiest of settings and rbenefits all sections of the community. Many cities have public outdoor labyrinths available for residents and visitors alike. The vision to create a labyrinth resource in Glasgow opens an opportunity that will benefit all especially children and young people, the elderly and people with mental and physical health problems, as well as anyone looking for greater peace, insight and balance in their life.

Why a labyrinth for Glasgow?

Walking the labyrinth allows you to leave the noise and busyness of the everyday world behind, as you weave towards the centre; an opportunity to pause and experience a place of stillness and contemplation. As the journey continues outwards, you have chance to integrate new found insights, intentions and energy.

Walking the labyrinth is an accessible, fun and powerful way to connect with Nature, to gain insight and inspiration, and to experience a sense of tranquillity. Labyrinths enhance the health and well-being of individuals, communities and the environment. Read more at The Benefits of the Labyrinth.


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